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Hermes H bracelet masters transmission time device and function of pause time to master space or dynamic storage function to forget the existence of time; they engraved hermes h belt heart to expose the internal structure, and make the gear operation also become decorative focus; adding Tourbillon to reduce caused by gravity subtle operation deviation; with simple type calendar, calendar, calendar year, month, day to show each other; adding month window to follow astronomical operation cycle...... , in different ways, once again shows us a brand tabulation process contains numerous master hermes bracelet extraordinary.
Arceau pause time hermes h belts
Is proposed in 1978 by Henri d'Origny after thinking the tabulation process, after 23 years of development, this includes the hermes belt ultimate essence of the hermes bracelet replica was finally published. Plane light brown or black alligator leather strap, 750 rose gold or 316L material case, can be equipped with herringbone image silver white dial, can also be equipped with a herringbone stamped black. With time, and calendar function, Arabia digital classic time scales, 5 position with calendar pointer, twelve o'clock for pause time region, just press the nine o'clock position button, you can make the hour and minute hands stopped at noon, and completely hide the pointer display date, although the time stop, but hermes belts the three heavy fly back system (the world's first), can make the internal core to maintain normal operation time, and just press the button again to position 9, can make the callback function with 360 degrees clockwise and needle to restore the normal time display. In addition, dynamic storage for up to 42 hours, waterproof depth 30 meters. Global 174 limited edition gold rose gold version.

WaferNet Inc. Worldwide Silicon & Semiconductor Provider